Libya news:  According to national sources with links to security agencies in Libya, the state of emergency was raised during the first week of this month to its highest level in the city of Tripoli. She added that orders were issued to cancel the licenses of workers in the security services and go to their places of work.

The sources reported that weapons and ammunition were given to security personnel and they were ordered to go to specific locations in the center of the capital, without informing them of the direct reasons for this sudden alert. The sources said that the security leadership had received information that someone – whose identity was not determined – was preparing to blow up the “Al-Fateh Tower” building in Tripoli.

Some security men attributed the matter to the presence of Colonel Gaddafi outside Libya, where the security services used to enter a state of alert whenever he left the country. However, others attributed this to security raids during the past few days in the city of Al-Zawiya, west of Tripoli, of a number of mosques, and the arrest and shaving of beards of religious youth.
The Gaddafi International Charitable Association, headed by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, had condemned the events of Al-Zawiya in a statement last week, and demanded an investigation into the matter and the punishment of those responsible.

Special sources told “Akhbar Libya” that what happened in Al-Zawiya was also repeated in Tripoli, where the security forces launched a massive arrest campaign among young people inside a number of mosques. She added that elements of the Revolutionary Committees raided a mosque in Bumadi on the airport road, Al Harati Mosque, and the Islamic Quarter Mosque, where young men were beaten, their clothes ripped and their beards shaved by force.