And we continue to talk about the other part of our topic, after our discussion of the illegality of dropping the Libyan constitution in 1969 AD, and the country’s transition from parliamentary electoral representation to a state of unconstitutional chaotic rule, an important fact emerges, known to all, which is that the Libyan history was its strength in The union of the position of his sons, as was his weakness in division and difference.

The Italian colonizer was attentive to this, as he sent his Orientalist missions to Libya in 1904 AD, and these missions benefited from the French experiences in its colonies, especially in its wars with the Libyans in general and Senussi in particular in battles, including the Battle of Bir Alali in 1901 AD. .
The European colonizer was also concerned in general with Ibn Khaldun’s “introduction” to the structure of tribes and Arabs and the system of nervousness and governance, and therefore the Italian Orientalist missions came with funds to exploit the rivalries between the sultans, local governments and tribes, and to stir up discord and agitate the region, then the Turkish-Italian treaty in “Lausanne” ( The Treaty of Oshi) in 1912 AD, with its secret and public sides, and Italy forced Turkey to withdraw its officers from Libya, which had a profound impact on Tripoli and Fezzan by creating a political vacuum and field leadership, given their leadership and reference to Turkey at the time, unlike eastern Libya, which was urgent under the banner Senussi, and its kinetic and field leaders.
Accordingly, the Libyans tried hard to fill that (unexpected) void with their best efforts by agreeing on field leaders, so the officer “Al-Dayek” was after “Thaqib” in southern Fezzan, and many notables and field and tribal leaders emerged in western and central Libya, but with that, they emerged Some disputes here and there, and the Italian colonizer exploited them to the utmost. He was striving hard to write to each tribe separately, and used tyranny and robbery with them. He benefited greatly from the ease of the topography of the western region and northern Fezzan in extending his control over it, and eliminating the resistance faster than it. From the rugged sands south of Fezzan, which was one of the reasons for the defeat of Miani and his escape from it, seeking salvation. The ruggedness of the mountains of Cyrenaica and the unity of its tribes under the leadership of the Senussi were among the most important reasons for the continuation of the jihad in it.
And he took the principle (and fulfill the covenant, that the covenant was responsible) by submitting to the truth and the contract that was agreed upon and the citizens agreed upon (the Muslims adhere to their conditions) not by transcendence over people, and our master Moses, peace be upon him, was not called “the strong and the trustworthy” except when he watered sheep for two daughters. The two are weak, and this is the height of humility, (the strong man is not the one who wrestles, but the strong man is the one who controls himself when angry), and whoever does not control himself is bound by the agreed-upon law. Praise be to God, there are many missionaries in the new generations who have fraternized in God and abandoned the sect based on inevitability that inevitably leads to doom. Perhaps I will present some honorable stances that we desperately need today, so that we would be better “supporters” than us and a disgrace.
And what is the story of the Battle of “Bir Alali” in 1901 AD, in which Libyan blood gathered from Warfalla, Awlad Suleiman, Zwaya, Maghareba, Awaqir, Ghadames, and from the Tuareg and even the Qur’an from Chad, and the victory of the people of Cyrenaica under the leadership of Mr. Mahdi for them is nothing but the best example that strength in Our unity, and the best example of the extension of the sacrifices of our Libyan people to their neighbors and their pioneering role in Africa and their assistance to its people with knowledge, lives and halal money (not with money stolen from the people’s treasury forcibly), after we burned it with our bombs in Uganda and Chad, and burned our soldiers and school students who we denied them.
Likewise the position of the people of southern Fezzan when they met with the Turkish ruler “Thaqib” after hearing of the landing of Italy on the shores of Cyrenaica and Tripoli in 1911 AD. And in fact, they rose to support their brothers in Tripoli, and this is not a matter of detail, and God granted some of them martyrdom in Swani Bani Yadam and others, and he returned from the livelihood of a lifetime among them to participate in the rest of the battles of Wadi al-Shati, and in Ashkadah, Anker and Al Shab, even burnt that ended with the martyrdom of Sidi Abdullah Al-Busaifi, and God will judge him.
As for the victory of the people of Tripoli for Fezzan when they helped them under the leadership of Sidi Salem bin Abd al-Nabi al-Zantani in the liberation of Cairo “Cairo Sebha” and that was on November 27, 1914 AD, it helped ignite the “revolution” (the truth) in all the regions of Fezzan as the Sheikh calls it Taher Al-Zawi, who caused the defeat of “Mani” and his escape in six cars from “Murzuq” Mulia, and he did not follow up. The joy of the people of Cyrenaica, Tripoli and Sirte and Mr. Ahmed Al – Sharif and was with him from the men of Fezzan such as they rejoice in this news Fastbcroa out good.
And you would like to echo the Gnawa flag sent by Mr. Abdul Qadir al – Obeidi Boberidan of gently Prince Idris in Egypt Which urges the Sanusi army to come, and tells him about the people of Cyrenaica accepting the support of the allies, by saying: “You have to bear false witness, my dear, Yabal Saibah,” which indicates the support of the people of Cyrenaica to Sanusi, who are the owners of “Al-Jazirah” origins.
One of the most beloved stories from before independence to me is the story of the victory of the people of Tripoli for Prince Idris when he visited them and some rioters tried to stir up strife between the Libyans. So what was Mr. Abu Bakr Bounaama but that he rushed with him five hundred armed men from Tarhuna, as well as Mr. Ibrahim bin Shaaban came in three hundred feat Avmaz “visitors” to support Prince Idris, God ‘s mercy, and that was before independence in the days of the British Mandate.

Oolaik are popular may I Bmthelhm *** my brother has Okltna ambitions
As for today, I bemoan what our situation has reached after (the coup), so here we are today, as if we were undoing our yarn after the strength of a female, so this is “Western” and this is “Sharqawi” and that gazelle, may God have mercy on him, “Sh.” And the matter brings us to the point of ridicule. and making fun and name – some tribes, and forget that we are Muslims from Libya, and forget that it plans aim to disperse our side, and that the truth, the Almighty has ordered us and forbade us by saying , “obey Allah and His Messenger, nor fought Vtvchloa and go power depart and be patient God is with the patient.”
we ask God to liquidate our intentions, and brings our word, and unites our class, supports Daava, and accept our repentance, he is able to do it, and what you want these only reform Bmqalaty, what it is right where it is God, and besides it myself and from the devil.
and to meet with permission God. Your
brother carp Zwai
Al rooms 13.
* – Walcott: is the horse, meant here when the horse returns without his master sad it after his death in battle, and how hungry Libya have been emptied of its people because of their defense of Libya, and because of the forced migrations and detention centers and prisons , and the destruction of their right as a result of colonialism.
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