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Ignorance will end when everything is presented as it is.

And when every person has his knowledge in the way that suits him, surely you have learned this eternal saying From the sayings of the green book.

But I want to tell you, you ignorant people, do you want to lie and falsify the truth? You lie to yourselves, because the truth is as clear as the sun. It is affected by the words that you say that you will end up having no hope for anything in this world You left the happy Jamahiriya society and went to live in the streets of the West like dogs and sold your conscience for dollars and sold your honor and your honor. You do not have the right to talk about the Libyan people because you need someone to talk to you and save you from this predicament you are in. You are stunned, powerless, you are now

At the crossroads, because you are cowards and traitors, ungrateful and ungrateful to grace. The dollars that you took from your agents in the Western intelligence tempted you, and you sold your honor, your homeland, and your honor, and nothing left for you. You will be finished because you are liars and hypocrites. You went abroad and surely you compared everything that is in Europe and a happy life in the first mass in history These societies and the Libyan society. Because you are ignorant, you understood this fact recently and later You went to create false arguments against the important Libyan society. Anything can save you. You know very well. You do not care about the Libyan people. What matters to you is yourselves. You are liars. You are not like the revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi. For the people and established the first Jamahiriya in history, you are not, you Kamsha, stray dogs, damn you, traitors.

We hope to publish the message.

reality (2)
The mass system is a model of an ideal human society based on theses The Green Book and the Jamahiriya is the political name of this society, perceiving the creation of a free human being The armed product within the framework of the society of the people, the master and the leader, who possesses the power, wealth and weapons, which leads to the overthrow of the historical contradiction between power, freedom and property, and the direct democratic system is the basis of the mass society as stipulated in the document Declaration of People’s Power.

The “third paragraph” and direct democracy in the mass system does not mean only the exercise of political power by the people, but its complete control over The means and tools of production in order to achieve the ownership of the people and their possession of the means of defense is the embodiment of the saying The weapon is in the hands of the people. The regime that presents the concept of the Green Book is not a voluntary regime, but rather it is A natural system that enshrines the limits of individuals and their natural rights, in which each individual is free to govern himself By himself, working for himself, and defending himself by himself, without representation, guardianship, or government Rather, it is a normal society in which people are equal like the teeth of a comb. This is the happy Jamahiriya that We learned it and practiced it in reality, this is how the leader taught us, and this is the truth on me The ground is that you are not ashamed of yourselves for this lie and the false allegations you make Do you think that there is no in the Jamahiriya, whether you and the rest of your dogs, I tell you that The Jamahiriya are the best people to live and exercise their rights And you are envy and jealous of this life We have another meeting.

The Great Jamahiriya, and not as you claim, you black and failed doctor, God bless you that no matter how much you lie and try to falsify the truth, you cannot change anything.