How I remember those days when I was a young boy in the elementary school, when we used to go out to the streets with the crowds of people who started expressing their joy and their support for the Al-Fateh revolution of September and its leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

These were unforgettable days, even though we were young and hardly aware of what was going on around us. And how much my joy was on that day when I saw for the first time Muammar Gaddafi (the bomber of the revolution) passing in front of us in a Land Rover, where I returned home after that, almost flying with joy. Until after that we saw him wandering alone in the city streets in his car many times and we were happy with that every time.

This was an introduction from which I wanted to convey the truth of my sincere feelings towards the revolution and its leader at the beginning of its era. This is so that I will not be accused in what I write of being a reactionary or an enemy of my country or otherwise. It is an opportunity, in any case, for constructive criticism to be directed freely, and away from defamation and abuse of others.

So what happened after that until those innocent and sincere feelings and feelings about the September revolution changed?
This revolution began its era by launching a campaign of arrests among some men of the former royal era, and then followed it with another that included some intellectuals, thinkers and those with some political orientations. This did not provoke a lot of people, perhaps because of the belief that these measures came as a matter of restoring some lost rights and revealing the facts of the past, and so on.
But what aroused me after that, and upset the scales of people, was the tragedy that shook the country on that day by hanging some of its children on the sticks of gallows. I can hardly find the words to express the feelings of sadness and sorrow that enveloped all the homes in our country at that time, which made one of my friends decide, as a result of that event, to leave the country indefinitely.
Not only that, but the series of physical liquidations of opposition figures outside the country had a deep impact on me, to align myself completely against the practices of the September revolution. Not to mention the arrests and mass killings that have happened and are taking place against the Libyan people, for whom the revolution is supposed to have taken place.
What has changed in this revolution that turned the back of the madness for its people, so it became its enemy and everyone hated it? How I wished that those who carried out the revolution would stand by themselves as men to correct the path, to review the past, and to hold themselves accountable. The country’s issues and problems are not resolved through murder and prisons. Nor by describing the country’s zeal as reactionary, and describing the people of the Qur’an and mosque-goers as heresy.
This people, who has suffered a lot and has not been for a short time, is still applauding and cheering the life of their revolution, either hypocrisy or out of fear of slanderers and spoilers.
Let this heavy, harsh hand be lifted from the sons of the homeland. And let that tender hand come that wipes their heads, dries up their tears, heals their wounds, pardons and pardons…
And we have an example and an example in the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, when he faced the hardships and hardships of his people. So what did he do? Did he put them in prison? Or monitor them with his security services?
No, but he said, “Oh God, guide my people, for they do not know.” His behavior, patience and morals had a great impact in bringing people together on a common word. “By God’s mercy, you are gentle with them, and if you were harsh and hard-hearted, they would have dispersed from around you.”
God is behind the intent and peace be upon you.