Yesterday afternoon, George Villa arrived at Tripoli airport.. But who is George Villa?.. He is the vice president of the Maltese Workers’ Party.

And we dedicate to George Villa and the delegation accompanying him what was mentioned in the green booklet about the party, so that he may become educated as a revolutionary and repent of betrayal:
That is, the rule of those outside the party by the party… The party is basically based on an authoritarian arbiter theory… that is, the party owners’ control over other members of the people… It is assumed that reaching power is the means to achieve its goals, and it is assumed that its goals are the goals of the people, and this is a theory justifying dictatorship Party, the same theory underpinning any dictatorship. And no matter how many parties there are, the theory is one. Rather, their multiplicity intensifies the struggle for power… The partisan struggle for power leads to destroying the foundations of any achievement for the people… and sabotaging any scheme to serve society… Because destroying achievements and sabotaging plans is the justification for trying to pull the rug out from under the legs of the ruling party to solve His competitor. And the parties are in their struggle against each other, if not with weapons – which is rare – then denouncing and slandering each other’s actions. And this is a battle that must take place above the vital and supreme interests of society, and some of those higher interests must fall victim to the crunching of the tools of governance over power, if not all of them, because the collapse of those interests confirms the argument of the opposition party against the ruling party, or the opposition parties against the ruling parties. The opposition party, being an instrument of governance, and in order to reach power, it must bring down the instrument of government in power, and in order to bring it down, it must destroy its actions and question its plans, even if it is valid for society to justify its inadequacy as an instrument of governance… Thus, the interests of society and its programs are victims of the conflict of parties. on power. Thus, despite the political activity that the multi-party conflict provokes, it is politically, socially and economically devastating for the life of society on the one hand, and on the other hand, the result of the conflict is the victory of another ruling instrument like its predecessor, i.e. the fall of a party and the victory of a party, but the defeat of the people… that is, the defeat of democracy. The parties can be bought or bribed from the inside or from the outside. The party is originally established as a representative of the people, then the party leadership becomes a representative of the party members, and then the party leader becomes a representative of the party leadership. It is clear that the partisan game is a comical and deceptive game based on a fictitious form of democracy, and an authoritarian egoistic content based on maneuvers, fallacies and political play, which confirms that partisanship is a dictatorial but modern tool. Partisanship is an explicit and not disguised dictatorship, but the world has not yet gone beyond it, for it is truly the dictatorship of the modern era. The representative council of the winning party is the party’s council… The executive authority that this council creates is the party’s authority over the people, and the party authority, which is supposed to be for the benefit of all the people, is in fact a bitter enemy of a part of the people, which is the opposition party or parties and their supporters from among the people. The opposition is not a popular watch over the power of the ruling party, but rather is waiting for itself in order to replace it in power. As for the legitimate watchdog according to this modern democracy, it is the Parliament, the majority of which are members of the ruling party, i.e. oversight from the power party, and authority from the control party. The falsification and invalidity of the political theories prevailing in the world today and from which the current traditional democracy emanates. ((The party represents a part of the people, and the sovereignty of the people is indivisible)). ((The party rules on behalf of the people, and the correct one is not on behalf of the people)). The party is a modern day tribe… It is the sect, the society ruled by one party is just like the society ruled by one tribe or one sect, because the party represents, as before, the vision of one group of people, or the interests of one group of society, or one creed, or one place, It is therefore a minority when compared to the number of people, and so is the tribe and sect, it is a minority if compared to the number of people, and it has one interests or one sectarian creed, and from those interests or creed a single vision is formed and there is no difference between the party or the tribe except for the blood bond, which may exist when The origin of the party. The partisan struggle for power has absolutely no difference between it and the tribal and sectarian struggle itself, and if the tribal and sectarian system is rejected and politically reprehensible, then the party system must also be rejected and disapproved of, both of which follow the same path and lead to the same result.