The news of Libya reached this poem, in which its writer interacted with what we published about the martyr Abu Bakr al-Nakou’.

Hania you O martyr
Hania O Abu Bakr martyr, NLT glory will not deviate
NLT paradise instead of Colonel prison
Tbaat in high standing and grave Isthmus long
stay in prison test meet us on intimidating
all Jermk O martyr you injustice deviate
Somok betrayal I said rods to reduce the hand
and I said will not be satisfied with treason this Tabek Aashahyd
this prouder has called us write you songs
in your chest Secretariat charged to your country love pulling the hand
and is sincere in Jhadk Vnlt arranged martyr
not perished had made an affair after severe despair
your name, Nakua vindicated after what was distorted by Colonel
will not Nnsa as O martyr and Snkhbroa generation What’s new,
how much I suffered and how much I suffered at the hands of the darkness of slaves
We will avenge ourselves, O martyr, with our souls, and every new born. Your
approach has been imposed by God, the Creator of the universe and the Lord of slaves.
Oh Abu Bakr, the martyr, you became a son of the mother of the martyr.