This platform received several inquiries about the possibility of entering it and roaming it safely and away from the eyes of security monitoring. We know how sensitive and even dangerous the use of the global information network – the Internet – is for a large number of its users, especially from inside Libya and some Arab countries.

Although Libya records the lowest numbers in the global statistics tables regarding the number of Internet and computer users, there is a significant number – especially of young people – who use the Internet extensively and constantly. There is no doubt that the spread of Internet cafes in the main cities of the country bodes well. Among the Internet users, large numbers are keen to follow websites that are concerned with Libyan affairs and issues in particular, due to the restrictions imposed by the ruling authority on the availability of media and scientific material in the country, including newspapers, books, magazines, and others. In addition, the ruling bodies in Libya control almost complete control over the Internet, what is available from it, and what can be accessed from inside Libya.

The pioneers of this platform assured us that the ruling authority – in an attempt to discourage citizens from visiting it – is common among the people that the security and intelligence services can identify everyone who enters the “Akhbar Libya” platform and track their location and the device from which they enter. We would like to assure everyone that this is not true, and it is nothing but an attempt to spread fear and push people to leave the site.

The prerequisite for ensuring security is the use of the Safeweb program installed on the home page of “Libya News”. As indicated there, through this program, you can enter any site in the World Wide Web and roam in it freely and completely. You can also send and receive emails without anyone finding out who you are or your address. And you can install the program (Save Web) so that it is always your home page and it is your secure gateway to the World Wide Web.

Accordingly, we urge everyone – especially those inside Libya – and we recommend reviewing the instructions for the (Save Web) program and committing to using them always to ensure safety and protection from the censor. We also invite everyone who has a specific question or problem in this regard to provide us with it clearly and we will seek to help him overcome it as much as possible.

We all know that dictatorial regimes always seek to ban science and information and monopolize the means of thought, knowledge and the media. As soon as that monopoly is destroyed, the legitimacy of the ruling regime is shaken. Blackout and intimidation are among the effective psychological means used by tyrants to kill the spirit of rejection and defiance among those who reject oppression and yearn for freedom and thinking in the open air.