The question asked in the poll corner on this site is: Who should make the decision to compensate the families of the Lockerbie victims? Three options were put forward to answer: People’s Conferences – Colonel Muammar Gaddafi – Businessmen. Voting remained open for a whole week. Just over five hundred (500) voters. The result was as follows:

Popular Conferences:   53,56%

Colonel Gaddafi:   35.38%

Businessmen:   11.07%

We note from the outset that these percentages remained almost constant throughout the referendum period, which indicates a clear trend among the visitors of “Libya News” in support of each of the options presented. The constancy of this trend – which did not change much throughout the voting period – reflects a picture that can be considered with a great deal of accuracy and honesty of what is going on in the Libyan arena.

As for the result, it does not need much explanation to conclude from it that the majority opinion is that the decision on compensation for the Lockerbie case should be taken by the popular congresses. This – despite all its shortcomings, inability, and perhaps (in the opinion of some) its illegitimacy – represents for the majority the party that is supposed to be the decision-maker in Libya.

Although many support the return of decision-making to Colonel Gaddafi – perhaps because they believe that he is the highest authority in the country – the difference between the percentage of these people and the percentage of those who support decision-making by the popular conferences is large, leaving no room for any ambiguity or ambiguity in identifying the true orientation of the voters.

It is also clear that the percentage of businessmen who support the decision-making process is very low and did not exceed 15% during the voting period. It is noteworthy that the Libyan Foreign Minister and the Libyan media claimed that Libyan businessmen were the ones who negotiated the compensation with America and Britain, and that the Libyan state had nothing to do with the compensation and was not concerned with it in anything. This result indicates that the majority does not support this and may not believe what was issued by the Libyan officials as well.

A final note: the number of voters is very small in proportion to the number of visitors to the site. Nevertheless, this number can be considered a good sample (especially in the first poll of its kind on this site) and represents a good segment of visitors. But this also means that a large number of people did not vote this time, so we hope that more visitors will participate in voting next time so that the results will be more accurate and useful.