A conversation session with Arab brothers brought me together… As a Libyan, they brought me these urgent telegrams to the leader of the world march and the secretary of Arab nationalism in support of the Arab nation’s groups: The

Palestinian: A solution to our Samana… Quickly.
The Lebanese: We don’t want this, stay at home.
Al-Masry: Not used to…
Al-Mughrabi: You have the one brain… Al-
Khaliji: You have the jewels, long life… Taiwan’s jewels.
Al-Jazairi: Mixing it is clear, except in the Jamahiriya.
The Mauritanian: Do you have something strong in you? (What is your problem?)
Al-Suri: What.. our hero drank blood and started to fall ill?
Al-Yamani: This is what Qat says. This is a class of words known to us.
Al-Iraqi: I’m back… on the cracks in my heart.
Al-Tunisi: You don’t know what’s new… you like to understand, you know.

The following telegram was received from an Arab brother:
may God bless your time with happiness. I ask you to send this urgent message to the Libyans profile officials, headed by brother , the great African fighter of this nation and the Secretary of nationalism Muammar Gaddafi , leader …
I ask him to follow the example of brotherly Iraq to provide the Libyan oil cut in solidarity with the Palestinian Arab people , which is in dire need of this The bold initiative.. which can only come from the heroes of our nation who are our support in our ordeal and who raised our heads high above the worlds with their courageous stances and decisions independent of American pressures.

We also hope that all Arab countries neighboring and not neighboring Libya and Israel will open their borders wide for the army of our commanding leader, which is crouched on the outskirts of the front, waiting for the first opportunity to pounce on the hateful Zionist enemy.

And revolution revolution until victory and until the last Palestinian martyr.