Peace be upon you..
Sa`id Ehi said: The
mind is mixed with him.. the darkness of the house of Loulav Ghafrah.
Shatalah Abdul Kafi and said:
From the day he became separated… He forgives Loham without a package and
said to him: He
described us, so we left……… He is east and we are west.

Anyway, anyway, the day before yesterday I was bringing to the quest market. And you are not disappointed with the time when the pilgrims are pilgrims and the market is moving and roasting. I said your mind that we have obtained a favour, and we will throw it at this time.
Saying the measure of the hour is two, the Sudanese will settle with the pursuit, and I went to the market, broken and void, and I continued my end. I came to Qais for lunch, and I threw one of the structures into our circle of axiso.. Or he was devastated by the meat of Rass. Then my head was covered in roast, and I told you to take a nap as long as the bowl of tea was good.

I turned the bag, put the car keys in the middle of it, armed the brake and cushioned it, and I put the radio on London and laid down. And he’s the little survivor Iggy walking on Ross’s fingers and jumping and jumping. Away from you, this family is a demon.. a demon of the jinn of a marshmallow. He says to the sans go down nor Nrqlk. Alhasilo Iji kicking overturn Brad Al Shahi. I fooled and flew to me and wanted him with his ear and then… I said I seek refuge in God from Satan. I was not Aabovrmlh but worse than Gadi in Gadi. And I reminded when I was young that they would deceive me. Hayat Hani, may God have mercy on her, come and lighten the heavy dirt on her, and say, O Boufrimleh!! Run around and sit down in the fall, how are you? I mentioned one of them, and I said, “I’m going to tell the group:”

“My sir, he said to you, the Kreishban, sitting in a thicket of spirit, and hungry for his guts, Aizon, and the evil cut him off with the jet of the louse. She welcomed him and said to him, “You are Kreishban, your face is yellow and your condition is miserable.” The louse told him, until we are hungry, what do you think? Let us blame our situation on your mind, as soon as God answers Faraj.

Make it easy . Kreishban sat down, and the louse licked his shoes, Nin Joe, as far as they were set. Rayakna

. I did not look, neither Krishban nor Tareh.

She entered and went down to Lot.. She grieved and grieved as Krishban, who was hungry and had gone into hiding and lived with Ban.. She died saying Hayya Ali, Ali Matari, and my dear Bakhtti.

And your aunt, the louse, was upset with the crow’s jet, so it was scattered and flicked in its feathers. He threw the louse angry, her face changed and her condition was the same. He said to her:
Are you, O louse, upset?
The louse replied and said:
Two louses are
upset, Krichban, they are hungry. The truth is Kreishban was annoyed..and free..and scary..and servants. And his age is not shortened with a limit. And generous and precious to all people. They harvested the crow Tknta and flew to him from here the news, and the pain of his mind, and he sat plucked in his feathers, and he came and hampered his shoes.

Al-Sidra saw him, surprised and said to him: You are Sweden, because your condition is sluggish, your head is low and your feathers are plucked.. Even your face is black from Ghadi.. But I don’t like your appearance. Inshallah good! what happened? And she said to him:
You are two crows
He said to her:
Crows, plucked, louse, upset, Krishban, hungry, tossed into the pot.

Sidra and her pain rained Akrichban, and shook him. And crushed her paper and milled the buckthorn. She said: When did this news happen? Yesterday, a Krishban, my shoes were waiting for what was in it. This is the state of the world. God bless you, Krishban. I was nothing but servants, my boy, and a cream that is in your hand is not yours.

And I sat Sidra Akhmtm and its branches and was completed, God does not terrify you. With the water jet, who is in Al Ghadeer, you want to water the Sidra. She met her withered, her buckthorn shriveled and dried up, and the sun swarmed her
She replied to her and said:
Sedrans are hungry, crows, plucked, lice, wretched, crippled, hungry, thrown into the pot.

Your aunt gave her the water, and she gave Iggy three little girls behind each other, and she turned or turned sour, and she died and left, and grilled with a little nen. Your big gorge rose up a small spot.. There is nothing. With Jet (God bless you), the donkey is moustached and wants to drink. Purely what was thrown neither Ghadir nor Tareh. Edur sat and searched from here, not here. The punishment of the Al-Muyah junction was met. He sat chanting in it and said to her:
Are you, O treacherous, displaced?
She said to him:
treacherous, displaced, sedans, sad, crows, plucked, lice, wretched, crippled, hungry.

He turned while the donkey arched his ears.. he sat exhausted.. his eyes teared up.. he ran and shriveled and lazily curled up on the thorns. With the shepherd, he wants to supply the donkey.. He threw the donkey too far..and his back turned. He was astonished and chanted, how did you feel, Budhan, and said to him:
Are you, Hamran Dabaran?
The donkey said:
Hamran, Debran, treacherous, displaced, Sedran, Yapsan, crows, plucks, lice, wrath, Krishban, hungry.

He is your uncle the shepherd sat Akhbat in his hands on some of them. And Touh Barrels who wants to respond to them. And his eyes were gleaming. And the world was darkened by him. And he sat walking on his face and stamped and his mind Mahosh guts. I found Osdfh Qnthlh stumbled and fell broke Akraah. Ecker was carried in his soul and his arms broken. And he left..and he forgot the comforters..and after his share, they looked at him and saw his appearance and his deteriorating condition and said to him:
Are you broken shepherds?
He said:
Shepherds, broken, Hamran, Debaran, treacherous, displaced, Sidr, two, two crows, two plucked, lice, wretched, wretched, Krishban, hungry.

He is the goat. He was dehydrated in your innermost thoughts.. he sat running.. and strayed.. and Qays took his face Nin came across the camel. The goats were strayed, and the shepherd was not with him. He said: How is the medicine, and he claimed his name is Al-Khabara? He
patted her and said to her: Are you, Moazan Sheridan?
She said:
Shepherds, Shepherds, Shepherds, Haran, Hamran, Debran, Ghadran, Displaced, Sadran, Yapsan, Crows, plucked, Lumps, Lest, Kreishban, hungry.

Roast the camel, shaking the goat, and he said: The whole news is bad because Akrichban’s punishment. In the way that God died, he does not want him or block him.. and our money or his money. And Tama camel Aathza them .. and sat laughing .. and solving his mouth and Anschert laughter broke his mustache nin … and dissolved between the two and when just the camel and his mustache chapped. “

The Hza alone and the womb of her grandfather …
Forgive me, it was so long for you in this myth. But these are the sheep that old people used to cherish for us… and this is our folklore… and they contain meanings and reasons with a face and a tori.
The one who sits as servants and generous people and pours out with people… All people are sick. And whoever sits jerking and laughing at people, may God give it to him according to his intention..