The report was brought to us from inside Libya, our correspondent: Superman.
Following the ruling of the Court of Appeal in the Lockerbie case, Muammar Gaddafi summoned the next day a number of his Libyan advisers concerned with the case, and the following was:
The meeting place was set at the headquarters in Bab Al-Aziziya at eight o’clock on the day Friday 15th of the month of loss 2002 syrian. And the date is correct because Al-Qaid issued strict instructions to the government and the media (or rather the announcement) to change the name of the current month to the month of “Loss” instead of the month of Mars.

At seven and forty-five, the wanted people were at the driving door. The soldiers on duty had no knowledge of the meeting nor of the persons called to it. And soon the guard stopped them, pointing his weapon in their faces. Neither the pleas nor the words of acquaintance with which one of the group tried to avoid danger, they were crammed standing in a narrow room devoid of furniture except for a phone and pictures of the leader. The room was usually used as an office for the head of the group of guards, and they were forbidden to call or talk to anyone.
The advisors remained in this state until ten o’clock in the morning before Gaddafi’s secretary for information learned of the matter and intervened to summon them to where the meeting would be held.
This time, those concerned were able to sit on a comfortable chair in a spacious hall that had been prepared a few years ago to be suitable for the teacher-leader’s meetings! But the wait was long. An entire hour passed without anyone coming. Another hour passed and the leader did not look. Boredom took hold in the hearts of those present, even though a waiter with the rank of “Anbashi” brought cold coffee, which contributed to moving the intestines of those who were unable to break their fast in the group at home. Of course, this created a crisis for some of them, because moving in the hall and going to the bathroom is not allowed for security reasons?
But luck did not betray them. An officer who would carry out security duties entered the hall, and after some pleading, he allowed those who suffer from signs of diarrhea to enter the bathroom on their own responsibility, after verifying the validity of their claim, and after instructing each of them to accompany an armed soldier to the bathroom, which must be His door remains open while the counselor responds to the call of common sense.
The crisis of the animated “gut” has passed, but the leader has not yet arrived. The hours passed slowly and slowly. I arrived at two o’clock in the afternoon and the leader did not appear, and none of the guards, whose number had doubled, gave any information about his arrival time.
A watch attached to the wall indicated 2:30 in the afternoon. The worshipers of the ordinary citizens who gathered in the homes of the Most Merciful had performed their prayers and returned to their homes, while Al-Qaid’s guests – if there were worshipers among them – lost the Friday prayer. Fatigue and fatigue had taken their toll. There is nothing worse than waiting, not to mention when one does not know the surprises hidden in fate.
Before the clock showed half past three, unusual voices were heard outside the hall, and there was movement among the guards, whose number became ten times greater than those invited to the meeting. Suddenly, a group of heavily armed soldiers entered their fingers on the trigger, including five who did not appear to be Libyans. Each of them took their places in a corner of the hall with amazing speed and agility, and the presence of the guards and guards continued.
Suddenly Al-Qayed entered, and chants and shouts rose: «Qayed, Kaid, do not care… Lockerbie, they bled it with blood». We are carefree carriers… we drink blood… and many more.
The leader sat on the seat prepared for him on the podium, his eyebrows frowned, his face grimacing, his eyes sunken and his hair fluffy and fluffy, suggesting that he had just come from a fist fight with one of the revolutionary guards!!
As usual, he did not greet the audience. Instead, he began his speech by addressing insults to them, arguing that God had brought him – his right hand paralyzed an immoral person – at a time that was not his time and to a people and country that were not worthy of him and his ideas.. And..and…
The attendees who will be mentioned later had to be silent, Rather, fabricating understanding and expressing smiles and comfort whenever the leader indulges in insulting and cursing them. They thus express their acceptance of what they hear and their satisfaction with what they are described with. It is forbidden for the leader’s assistants or any of those whom he meets to object, comment, or even show concern and dissatisfaction with what the leader says!! Otherwise, everyone knows the fate of the absent Imam, Musa al-Sadr.
Among the attendees were:
1. Mubarak Al-Shamekh, Secretary of the General People’s Committee
2. Ibrahim Al-Ghaweel, a former lawyer, who was responsible for defending the case
3. Ghoga, the head of lawyers
4. Hassouna Al-Shawish, the mouthpiece of the leader and assistant secretary in the Foreign Ministry
5. Musa Koussa, the CIA’s representative in external security, in
addition to a group of officials in the various security services and the “Revolutionary Committees” party.

Al-Qayed’s speech focused on the failure of the concerned authorities, lawyers and mercenaries in dealing with the Lockerbie case. Al-Shamekh and Al-Shawsh had the lion’s share of insults, insults and accusations of negligence and lack of capacity for responsibility.
As for Al-Ghawil and Ghoga, the leader condemned them for embezzlement, scientific bankruptcy and inability to maneuver like respected lawyers!!
Then he directed the conversation to the lofty…
lofty… we don’t know why your highness, lofty and blessed? And you are actually a scum and dust!! Why did you reach this conclusion with the British despite the huge sums of money you paid? Otherwise, you put it in your own accounts, as usual, and try to laugh at me and the people? (Including the Shin as is the language of Saratoh)..
Al-Shamekh (trembling as signs of fear and terror appeared on him): O Leader.. we.. we.. you.. you know… and you are the master of the knowers…
Gaddafi: You are what you are… You are all against me… all of you are my enemies… you are plotting against me with others… with stray dogs… with the Milkans and the English. It is not strange, Bakri, or after Bakri, we read the minutes of this meeting on the Internet!!
Al-Shamekh: Sir, we.. we.. you are the master of the knowers..
Gaddafi (interrupting): ..speak, oh… what are we? What are you..speak..this is the shape of a prime minister?
Al-Shamekh (fainted, unable to speak anymore, sweat dripping from his forehead): … we have covered what is upon us.. and your head is you, leader. But colonialism and Zionism are behind this black currency, sir.

Suddenly Gaddafi turns around, directing his missiles at Ibrahim al-Ghawil.
Gaddafi: …you are the head of misfortunes, Bushet. You initially pledged to resolve the issue in my favor in less than a week… and we gave you what you asked for without specific budgets… and you submitted reports and allegations, all of which are lies. We will take revenge on you because you are the one who put me in this pit, and you are the one who came up with the idea of ​​handing over Al-Megrahi and Fahima. You are the one who confirmed that our legal position is 100% correct.. Then the matter came to an end like your ugly face. Elly me wrong documented in one like you .. embezzled money who Attiynahalk in order to save us from the problem, and these are the result .. Mesh far pakora ask my head , my dirt ..
Ghwell: … sir … I .. I did what appreciate it ..
Gaddafi (interrupting in anger alone): … you are able to do something, you despicable one. But it will be your turn. I do not forget that you are my “brothers” at all, even if you try to wear new skin. And the one who betrayed his group, there is nothing to prevent him from betraying me.. Shut up, you despicable one, shut up..
Gaddafi (turning his face): And this is the one whose face turned on the side. Who is this?
Al-Shamekh (trembling and smiling): …H..Y..This is Ghoga, the head of the Lawyers’ Syndicate..
Ghoga: Yes, I’m the captain of the..the lawyer.. (Before he finished the speech, Gaddafi interrupted him..)
Gaddafi: Tell me, what is this calamity that you put us into, you idiots? Ghoga: O Leader, we are going to take the case to the European Court and to the House of Lords..
Gaddafi: This is the head of the Bar Association?! European court? You are not far from me. I just knew why we lost the case!! Get out of my face.. Take him.. Take him..
At the speed of lightning, four masked guards pounced on the poor man, and they led him to an unknown place and nothing is known about his fate.

Hassouna Al-Shawsh’s turn came..
Gaddafi: Shaush.. Where is the servant.. Is this Shalgham? He was afraid that he would send you, you are what.. like you are like he is: idiots!
Al-Shawsh: .. It is true, Qaid.. I.. He.. He.. Shalgham writes in a statement that we will broadcast after a while. We denounce the verdict.. and accuse the judges of bribery.. We named Al-Magrahi the Messiah of the Age..!!
Gaddafi (interrupting angrily): What is a statement, and what is Christ, O Behem.. It still contains statements that are.. How have you made a statement that we see in you his village, you funny.. How do you make a statement, you low.. Qdash? And then, if Al-Megrahi was the messiah of juice, what would we be?
Al-Shawsh (confused and trembling): … Uh-huh.. Bash tell people what their compatriot al-Megrahi will miss.
Gaddafi (crying at the top of his voice): ..You and Al-Megrahi are in your sixty cunning..Oh, you are bitten by dogs..The danger now seems to me, you conspirators..All of you are conspiring against me..All of you…
Gaddafi: And you, Zucchini..why did you turn your face here..why didn’t you commit still have a face with which to meet me…? Where are the millions that she spent on you? Where did the foreign agents that you say you hired for the security of the revolution go to? You are the biggest conspirator against me.. but you will see.. but we will break up with you.. your fate will be like those who preceded you.. and you know who we mean.. you are not dearer to me than a little merciful and only good tidings…
He added in an aura of frenzy: Tell me.. what did you think about this no.. no.. stray dogs and the internet? Tkrthm or not still?
Zucchini (lowering his head): …sir..the matter is not easy..they are in countries where there is democracy, freedom of expression, and human rights. Our British and American friends did not accept it until they heard me from where I found the topic for them. But Rana put him in Interpol!!
Gaddafi: Your evaders are laughing at you, and your administrators are mocked in front of the world. But take it easy.
And before Gaddafi ended the meeting, he ate all the insults and insults that they deserve, and we are embarrassed to document them here because of their obscenity and deviation from decency and politeness of dialogue.