Libya News:    Yesterday (Saturday) the Jamahiriya News Agency broadcast news about the leader of the Black Muslims Organization in America, Louis Farrakhan, describing him as “the assistant to the leader of the Global Islamic Popular Command”, in addition to his well-known title: “Leader of the Nation of Islam in America.” The agency did not indicate who is the leader of this popular leadership, to whom Furqan works as an assistant!!

Of course, Colonel Gaddafi took a long time ago a set of titles and appellations. It is a list that is too long to list here. But one of them is the Secretary General of the World Islamic People’s Leadership, sometimes referred to as the World Islamic People’s Congress.
The maliciousness of the agency this time appears in the failure to refer to Colonel Gaddafi by name. This could not have occurred inadvertently or in contravention of the written instructions regarding mentioning the name of the colonel whenever necessary.
Sometimes the agency publishes a piece of news consisting of three sentences in which the name “Brother Leader of the Revolution” is mentioned more than three times. That is, once per sentence.
It is believed that the agency’s clerks wanted to give the impression that Furqan was working for the commander, or at least working as an assistant to him. They forgot that Louis Farrakhan works for his own personal goals and for his group, which has many suspicions about the integrity of its Islamic faith and practices. If she met in part with one of the parties, Firqan seizes the opportunity and exploits it.
Furqan’s repeated visits to Libya and his meetings with its officials, especially Brother Qaid personally, are not an innovation in his activities. As he visited Libya, he visited other countries and met their leaders and leaders. And now he is preparing to visit Iraq and meet members of the Iraqi leadership.
However, the difference is that the Iraqi media did not claim that Furqan is an assistant to President Saddam Hussein in the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, for example. Nor did he claim to be a party member.
Before Iraq, Furqan visited Syria, Lebanon and other countries in the region. In addition, Furqan’s support for some Arab causes stems mostly from his belief in them, or from the meeting of some mutual services with the parties he supports. But in the Jamahiriya, Farrakhan received several million dollars (on one occasion it was rumored that the amount was one billion dollars), without knowing what he gave in return for Libya.
Such international figures active in a number of parts of the world have their own goals. The Libyan regime can receive whoever it wants if it provides it with what helps it to achieve its goals. The regime has no help but to pay the confiscated money from the treasury of the Libyan people, and nothing else!!