In the Jamahiriya everything is perfect. And the Libyan people are “Amfarshak and Zayt”, and they do not lack anything, and their affairs are “Amraqleh” and their condition is in the high kat.

This is not from me or from the brothers in the Mathaba. This was said by a world queen, who wrote it in her handwriting and signed it. It means, “It’s not talk and it’s in the air.” Documented and written words in records and folders. And the brothers of the agency group broadcast it in the morning and evening bulletins   to the whole world.

And the case and what is in it – and talk to the brothers who do not follow the revolutionary media – is that these days, Miss World for the year 2000, a French citizen (my birth does not know) is visiting the Jamahiriya. And it carried out an inspection campaign on the Jamahiriya community and the achievements it reached, and gave a certificate of success to the Al-Fateh Revolution.

And Her Majesty the Indian Queen, whose name is Priyanka Chopra, toured on surprise visits among the great achievements, and inspected all public facilities, accompanied by a delegation that came to Libya to grant our revolution legitimacy, and to convince us Libyans of the capacity to live and the prosperity in which we live and do not appreciate it or feel it.

Her Majesty made field visits from Tajoura to Sabratha, passing through Bab al-Aziziya. And her last visit was to a nursing home in Tripoli. After being informed of the welfare of orphans there, she wrote a word in the visitor’s book. If one of those who do not agree with a revolutionary read it, he would have wished that he had been orphaned so that he would be singled out in care homes and enjoy the care and tenderness of the revolution.

Since this speech came from Her Majesty the Queen, some of what was reported about the spread of AIDS among Libyan children, the spread of drugs among schoolchildren, and the emergence of prostitution among minors, not to mention the increase in the phenomenon of begging and the spread of child sellers on the sidewalks, all of this is now considered null and void. His presence,   after the beautiful queen visited a popular care home in Tripoli, and what she wrote in the visit record.