Note: If you are looking for the opinion of the “leader” in the Al-Megrahi case, do not bother yourself, the opinion of the leader has not yet been issued, and this letter addresses urgent and urgent problems that cannot be waited, which are much more important than Al-Megrahi, compensation and other small matters.

I mean, prophets from God who call people for good and for heaven, fight them and kill them, meaning a prophet, what is his interest in people, he does not want money or thanks from them. The Prophet, I mean, is free of these ambitions. They kill him, do not listen to his words, revolt against him. Why is he calling them to something that changes their lives radically and moves them from falsehood to truth, from darkness to light, and from Hellfire to Paradise, and people, even if you go to Hell in an easy way, will accept it? And they regret it in the end. Now I am talking with people who are themselves imposing a fait accompli that is not in their interest. If I go and watch a football match I do not believe in it, and I believe in mass sports only, and that all people must exercise and that these old traditions are old, these are eleven players They play in a ball and other people are a rule, chewing gum and watching and paying money for tickets. We consider this a trifle and it is useless and this person sitting on the bench watching does not benefit. Sports activity should be practiced by all people. Do you know this entails the problems that we are talking about, now this is an old traditional system and this system exists, when people were few in any country, even China, its number was not a billion and more. Once upon a time, its population was six million, when the University of Britain had a population of forty-three and fifty million, its number was four million five million, when the universities that we are talking about were these ancient and so these are ancient archaeological things, a system that existed when people were few in number and possibilities It is limited, communications are non-existent, and transportation is very rare. There are no screens, the Internet, a computer, a car, a plane, not even a train. This system is obligatory. Students after they graduate from elementary education. All of this is primary, preparatory, secondary and others. The elite aspires, We are the educated and the understanding, and we express them, and we call them representatives and we call Parliament, who rules this one, the powerful or the rich, who understands more than people and rules them, and claims that he can rule people while he is better than them. Instead, she was focused on these things that she spoke of. As long as the base of education expanded in this way, the university is no longer suitable, and as long as we insist on following the old traditional, outdated system that created universities, we fall into these problems. This is the secret of these problems, not because the teacher does not work, or the recorder does not work, or this does not work, or there is no interest in education.. No, all these things are present and available. The reason is that we follow an old traditional system that does not work in this era, at this stage in the number that exists now, the overcrowding that exists now.. as long as you If you stick to it, you will definitely run into these problems, and you will not find it. If you study in the office of a lawyer, we will graduate legally, it is better than studying at the Faculty of Law here, and this must happen, or the education will be zero and the achievement is zero, and it all begins in vain, and I am sure that now our outcome is very bad. Insufficient and crowded and not heard in the teacher. He speaks English and you do not understand it and you did not read English and where is the anatomy? The corpse on which you will be explained is not present, the professor who studies law is not present, and the laboratory of the Faculty of Science, otherwise a faculty, this is what is in it, the map of something is not present, and the professors are few and you are not comfortable in your residence in your transportation until you reach here, how is there an achievement? There will be learning, this is a waste. This is what I want to tell you that the whole world is facing this crisis because the world is still traditional, and those who pay attention we say to them, O world, there has come to you a torrential stream that is different from the situation you are in, that it attacked a small number, I am talking about this now, world, that the world has changed, that the first tools are no longer useful and that the first standards do not work, otherwise we will continue to follow the branches and leave the root, sir, or else, captain, I do not know what the room is, we are two in it, the reason I tell you now, well, good, turn one Of them, where do you want to put it? Make him another room, we can’t, what do we do for him tomorrow, two more people will come with you in the room, and the day after tomorrow two or three will come to you, they will be sixteen the way we walk, this is me, I don’t have a magic wand, I can say by God from now You are the student who came from the palace of the good guys quickly. We find you in the palace of the good guys. Tomorrow you read about such and such. It is not possible. This requires arrangements made by all these popular institutions.. This is not possible. These things and now the words that the people of the books warned about is like the words that the prophets warned of at the time. If any number of teachers suffices them and there is no crowding or need, you go back to your house along and this is decided by you and your conference and your people’s committee and this is democracy you yourself, you do not want to practice democracy and talk, we ordinary people talk about democracy but it was not available We have an opportunity for democracy, but we do not practice it. I mean, it is possible for people to stage demonstrations against the rule. Then they say, “Be wise, and you will not find anyone. Look for someone else to facilitate these matters. Even if he remains in power for a day or two, he gets bored and suddenly you do not find him, and we have this power, this freedom, this democracy.. Everywhere conferences and committees are everywhere.. About the people..and representation is defilement. People gather in the popular conference to decide such and such, then a few come and the rest do not matter to me, I will not touch it. You used to say democracy is against the trend of freedom and peoples die.. they die.. Then the issue of resources begins, and we blame our resources, which are in Alaska, and we have nothing but snow. We cannot blame anyone and say why we do not have palm trees with fruit or we do not have apples. He says to you, it is not permissible for there to be camels in Alaska because camels do not live there, and so does the palm.. Possibilities There is snow and there is no blame. Dogs pull carts and live in this way. You cannot say in Alaska why we use carts pulled by dogs because the nature of Alaska is this way people move in carts pulled by dogs and even horses and donkeys have no place in the snow. Dogs walk when they need Why transportation from dogs and other countries its transportation / Concorde / missiles and planes because nature is like this and this is the nature of the country you are in your resources may be limited .. And so I present to you .. We come to the last topic which is when I compliment you, I tell you put this so and so Registered and this is responsible for this college and this, revolutionary, Libya is located in the shadow of rain, even rain, we have no share of it benefit, and a barren desert without oil, there is nothing, and oil is a single and limited wealth as long as we find ourselves in the shadow of rain in the heart of rain and our space is unlimited. We are in this big country and live in its bounties, why say we are a thousand students who decided to move and make us a college, we agricultural students a thousand students make a college for us in Central Africa and we live there and we marry two, three, four, one hundred and a thousand. And we live there and get married there because marriage there in Africa has no limits, just like what you have here and we settle there and live in heaven and read there we set up a resort, a Libyan settlement, there are boys or girls, male and female, other colleges come, someone comes to say, by God, we decided we, the College of Sciences, to go to Sudan, for example. Make a college in Sudan and live there and settle down and get married there. University students, I like that they think from today, the first thing you and your family go to the dormitory, i.e. with your colleagues and friends, and you decide and say we are good at this college, the so-and-so section. We want to move to the place. We will provide the teachers, the building and the scholarship, and we will live there. You will not return after you live there and see Africa. How if we tell you to go back, you say there is no salvation, by God, we will not return. So, see you again, God willing