Brothers who are supervising this site, greetings. After all, our grief and regret increases a lot the more we look at your strange insistence and your relentless efforts to destabilize the security and stability of the Jamahiriya. This is the revolution that you set up as hostility without convincing reasons 

So you agreed to clash in turbid waters polluted by contemporary Crusader aspirations, which alone seeks to divide this steadfast Arab country, the steadfastness of the Nafusa Mountains and Gharyan our brothers on the Libya News website. He is well aware of the extent of social cohesion in Libya and the strength of familial and tribal cohesion. Libya, my delusional brothers, one family has struck and continues to strike the truest examples of the solidity and cohesion of the social fabric. And let the Libyan people whom you left – geographically – live their most beautiful era, writing the most sincere epics in the strength of cohesion and patriotism….. I hope that you have the position to spread this message of mine… even without a name.

And peace be upon those who follow the guidance and did not sell his homeland.