We are now at the beginning of a real change for the world, and at the beginning of a real era for the masses, and it is not easy to assimilate this great thing, and this dangerous change that will occur, just as it is not easy to assimilate it according to the present generation, but the future generations – surely will be the absorbers of the theory The third world, and it will also be the soldier who builds the era of the masses.. it is difficult for the concepts of the present generation to change or to comprehend this dangerous thing that is greater than its cultural data.

Starting from this new stage, the stage of the Jamahiriya that has not yet been built begins, we are on our way to transforming the world into a Jamahiriya, a Jamahiriya that is not only represented in Libya, but in a Jamahiriya that considers the ultimate goal like communism, a Jamahiriya that is the earthly blessings, the lost paradise, or the utopia city Which humanity dreams of, inevitably that the world will turn into a mass society, which is now being established in Libya, because the connotations of the conflict at the present time definitely refer to the Jamahiriya, even if this name is not agreed upon.

In the beginning, the mass society is based on popular power, and popular power itself was not understood. In the past, everyone was struggling to achieve popular power, even if there was no clear conception of it. The mass struggle produced vanguard forces and individual heroes to express it and act on its behalf. Continuing, why? Because the prosecution did not quench the thirst of the masses, and these masses may win, and a popular government will be established in the form of a party emanating from the masses or a beloved hero of its affiliated forces, but it remains an image that falls short of expressing democracy. However, even after reaching the plurality of parties, the struggle for power has not ended, and here we ask why? Where is the conflict heading?

Al-Obaidi, the destruction of the world of wages and the rise of the world of partners There is no solution to this vicious circle except by destroying the employer and destroying the wages of the world, and for the world to be partners, the factory is run by the workers and its production is distributed among the basic elements and factors that elect the productive currency or production.

If unjust relations are destroyed and there is no longer any justification for a person to employ another human being in his house or in his factory, and every person becomes a craftsman to use his effort to satisfy his needs, and large enterprises become run by partners in their production and not by procedure, and profit becomes exploitation, because it is the legitimate theft in the world of exploitation. The new socialism.

Those who win now are those who do not make the effort. If the new socialism was established on this basis, the democratic people’s congresses became content in their political form, and they are no longer sham. Those who sit in the popular congress, if one is an employer and the other is a worker, their sitting is considered a sham or an equality A fictitious one, but when the relationship between them is destroyed outside the popular conference, and these people sit in the popular conference, here their sitting becomes meaningful, and their votes are equal, and one of them has no control over the other. What has been said about the employer or the business can be said about the merchant, the lessor, and the government. The unjust relations between them must first be destroyed in order for them to be equal in the People’s Congress, as the first chapter of the Green Book states that in order for political democracy and the people’s power to be established in its practical and modern sense, namely the conferences popular.

People’s Congress is the end of democracy

The struggle will continue from these tools until the masses reach power, thus ending the political struggle, and in the world of tomorrow there will be no struggle for power at all; Because the masses who are scrambling now to reach the seat of government will eventually reach that, and the conflict ends according to the first chapter of the Green Book and the problem of democracy is solved by establishing the authority of the people, and with the second chapter given to this political democracy its real content by solving the economic problem. Firearms, such as the weapon of power or the weapon of wealth, degrade the citizen, and therefore he must own it, the armed people will rise, the regular army will disappear, and if the armed peoples rise, and the regular governments and armies disappear in the world of the Jamahiriya, peace will come and international stability will be strengthened, as there will be no Napoleon issues an order for his armies to cross its borders, invade another country and there are no armies subject to orders, and receive salaries in order to carry out the order of war.

that all peoples then cease to have the possibility of their willingness to cross their frontiers to invade another people; Thus peace is strengthened, where the people are able to defend themselves, and not in a situation that tempts others to attack them. It is only the weakness of armies now that tempts other strong armies to attack weak countries, and when the power becomes in the hands of the popular masses, the regular armies disappear, and the peoples rise Armed forces strengthen peoples’ self-defence, and the ruler and governments, leaders and parties have no desire for control. The masses have no selfish petty issues, and no whole people has the desire to conquer another, and with all that peace will be strengthened, and the Third Universal Theory is applied.

Mass thought is theory and application. The explanatory (philosophical) ideas in the Jamahiriya system such as the Libyan are not now France, even Lebanon, or any other country. They are entertainment issues. They are purely theoretical issues, but rather they are put into practice in daily life. The existing system in Libya finds it difficult to be understood by other parties outside the mass system because it is unaccustomed, and therefore it is described and described by various descriptions, some tendentious and some ignorant of the reality of this system. Humankind for liberation from all pressures, breaking all restrictions, and reaching a society of freedom and happiness, and the final victory over abuse and exploitation.

The regime in Libya presents a model for humanity’s dream to create a society free of government, free from higher authorities and from all political, economic and social pressures, and then it should have been glorified and defended around the world and guided by everyone so that the final fruit would be for the benefit of all mankind. As for opposing a regime such as this one, it indicates intolerance, ignorance, stupidity and foolishness, and indicates that there is an evil force that still controls the media and political seats from which it can issue decisions… There are still political and economic forces that carry old deposits from the Middle Ages, the deposits of hatred. And the inherited hatred for reasons that we are not responsible for from everyone, whether from the East or the West, and it pertains to the data of that era.

mass system

I am speaking that the mass system in Libya should not have been distorted for humanitarian reasons, because it is in the interest of all humanity to establish a system like this, and to guide, defend and preserve it because it provided a model for the final salvation of the masses everywhere.. How can a system based on Fans only..? How can abuse and exploitation be abolished in a human society? How can a state for the masses exist without a government? How is it possible to dispense with ministers, representatives, ambassadors, the army and the police, and return to the masses their freedom… Because in order for the government to be established, parliament and army to the last official bodies, the people must give up their freedom part by part in favor of this body and that body until we find in the end that it has been robbed Including complete freedom in exchange for the rise of these devices, which led to these peoples fighting again in order to regain their freedom.. and consequently they find themselves in confrontation with the devices.. and this is the explanation of the conflict that is taking place in the world.. Workers carry out strikes and sit-ins, and the masses stage demonstrations and protests, and sometimes use individual and collective violence.. All over the world daily, we hear about this conflict.. We do not hear about government manifestations, but rather about a popular demonstration.. We do not hear about a parliament whose members staged a sit-in.. We hear about Workers and ordinary people, and we do not hear about ambassadors or officers who have always demonstrated or protested against them, against the official bodies in them, and the reason is because the masses found themselves enslaved to this game. I found myself in front of governments that are not able to fulfill the needs of the masses. Rather, we hear about workers and ordinary people, and we do not hear about ambassadors or officers who have always demonstrated or protested against them, against the official bodies in them, and the reason is because the masses found themselves enslaved to this game. I found myself in front of governments that are not able to fulfill the needs of the masses. Rather, we hear about workers and ordinary people, and we do not hear about ambassadors or officers who have always demonstrated or protested against them, against the official bodies in them, and the reason is because the masses found themselves enslaved to this game. I found myself in front of governments that are not able to fulfill the needs of the masses.

Parliamentary councils falsify democracy, and parliamentary councils turned out to be unable to meet the desires of the masses, and therefore we find that the masses have grabbed the initiative and started expressing what they want for themselves directly through demonstrations, protests, sit-ins and by all means of expression to reach the revolution. But the masses are fooled again, or the revolutionaries make mistakes when they deliver a revolutionary government after the success of the revolution because the government is the government.. and how many revolutions have established revolutionary governments that are supposed to be friendly to the masses, but over time we find that these governments have found themselves in confrontation with the masses and renewed The struggle once again with the popular masses and the government..Many of them either fell, parliaments tested parliaments on appropriate conditions, but with the passage of time we find that anger is based again on the parliaments, evidence that the solution is not in the establishment of a government instead of a government or parliament instead of parliament..

The solution can be to abolish all these tools and only the masses remain.. I mean that the forces of abuse and exploitation are concerned that a mass system does not succeed because they lose the justification for their existence.. I mean that the forces of arbitrariness will not find anyone who abuses them if the oppressed that they want to abuse is liberated.

Likewise, the forces of exploitation. People have taken possession of their needs and property returned to individuals equally. There will be no more exploited property until these forces exploit it. Consequently, it loses its justification and its strife, but it wants to remain, so it will fight any serious directives that destroy abuse and exploitation such as the establishment of the mass system..

So the forces of the Crusade and Zionism and the forces of abuse and exploitation are all involved in fighting the mass system in favor of these human forces… But millions will lose after that, and they are the ones who aspire to sincerity, and from here it is clear that the existing mass system in Libya is a system based on an [interpretive] philosophical ideology. I cannot separate the ideas created by human suffering and brewed in the minds of mankind, ages after another, and the political and economic applications of the mass system, for the mass political and economic system is the result of these ideas and the outcome of these long experiences.

As for people like you, they understand this, but it is very difficult to convince others, especially outside the Jamahiriya, of this fact.. They still talk about Gaddafi as if he is a head of state, and they talk about some individuals as ministers. The media in the world is still talking about the Libyan government, and they may accuse the president of Libya, and Libya does not have a president, and how ridiculous they are. The political stances taken by some countries in Western Europe and the United States of America and their exploiting colonies in Africa and Asia.. They talk about a situation they do not understand, they understand They accuse a head of state and there is no head of state, and they accuse a head of government and there is no head of government, and they accuse a government and there is no government.
The mass system is based on natural rules

The mass system is based on natural rules and natural law and it abolishes all the menial laws that were made under governments and classes.. If there are man-made laws, they will be put under the mass system, that is, which the masses set for themselves and agree upon.

I think that it was expected that a mass system would be established even in previous eras, and it was expected that France would be a mass system after the French Revolution, but the reason why this did not happen is due to the lack of conception of the practical way of establishing a society without a government.. I mean how millions can conduct their affairs without a government This method was absent. Consequently, the people who represent the masses have been relied upon.. Parliament represents the masses, which has led us to the taboo. The struggle is now in a vicious circle. The existing governments in the world do not satisfy the masses with them.. Parliaments do not represent the masses, and then they are overthrown so that at the same time, new governments are formed. The election of new parliaments and the overthrow of these governments and parliaments, the formation of governments and parliaments, and so on.. Hence, the struggle began to revolve in a vicious circle in the liver of humanity, and it is still inflicting heavy efforts on it.