The difference between you and us is as vast as the difference between The sea and the desert, and it may be more distant, because the desert and the sea may be some The similarity between them, even if morally.
The difference between you and us is our shame We opened our chests, and we breathed in good, fragrant air, with the scents of freedom and security, and we filled it Our hearts are reassured after fear, after hunger, and after deprivation You started, handcuffed rusty handcuffs for money and inhaled filth and stench. Behind the pigs and monkeys and fill your hearts with denial and ingratitude.

The difference is us And among you that with our revolution we have become masters, and after ignorance and backwardness we have glories and become We have a history that our grandchildren can be proud of, while you destroyed your dignity and humiliated you Your grandchildren, and you handed your necks to the whips of your executioners. This is not a comparison, because there is no A comparison between nobles and villains, nor between masters and tails, nor between actions and words, rather, it is segregation.
Yes. A distinction is made between the honor that is ours, which is our clothing, and the insignificance, which is Yours and your clothes. And between sovereignty and leadership and what kept you away from it. And between actions and what We are doing it by proposing the green thesis and its color that pervaded all parts of the globe, and your sayings Which is not and will not be but letters of ink on scattered papers and which you try without The feasibility of collecting it because in a useful summary is that the difference between us and you is that we have a principle that we are moving forward…
As for you, you have nothing but your barking, and that is the end of you.

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