This headline caught my eye in a newspaper I liked it to be the title of my post on this page; At the outset I would like to say that if This page continued to open its door to all the tramps who have no culture and no convincing style By it others, you will be a quagmire of vice, insult and cursing, for everyone who tries to write in it This page is called culture and patriotism

That is why I want to explain in a modest manner the meaning of cultured and patriotic; The intellectual is the one who lives a historical moment for his nation and his country and truly belongs to him The one who lives a historical moment for another nation, the enemy of his nation and his homeland, and that is why he becomes in a path of paths delusions and marginalizing himself by standing in the way of his original and authentic culture; And frankly, I Kilibi first, reject all kinds of consumer cultures that remain in control of the mentality of It’s called culture and it’s
It transmits the culture of the other to which he does not belong except through his ignorance and denial To his community who gave him everything. My Libyan brother, wherever you are, go back to your country because it is The sponsor will take care of you, no matter what happens; This is from the consumer culture that you practice in the world Your writings, because they will not last and stand, because they are a justifying, utilitarian culture that nurtures the spirit of vulgarity Humiliation, negativity and consumption Patriotism is a great thing that sings a sincere sense of patriotism It is the blood that flows in the veins of the revolutionary citizen who is jealous of his homeland. Patriotism does not mean Laziness, betrayal, brokering, running away, insulting and cursing, and plotting against the homeland and the people.
I do not mind publishing